Solvent Cleaner – B-225

Thickened cleaner, that will efficiently remove Bitumen and Tar stains. It will cling to vertical and overhead surfaces. The softened coating can be removed using high pressure water or by brushing whilst rinsing with low pressure water as the product rinses well.

  • Strips high strength coatings
  • Quick acting
  • Clings to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Rinses well with water
  • Stays wet a long time
  • Use on Brick, masonry, metal surfaces
  • Easy to use


Appearance            Gel
Colour                       water white
Viscosity                  4000 to 6000 cps
S.G.                           1.225 to 1.255


Use neat, no need to dilute.


1 to 2 m² per litre


Read MSDS before use.
Do not use in a confined space. Protect people, surrounding areas, plastic and paint surfaces and passing vehicles from splashing or wind drift. Mask all sensitive areas with tape and polythene sheeting.
Remove loose soil and coating with a brush or scraper. Apply a thick coating by solvent resistant brush or roller to a dry surface. Work from bottom to the top. All to dwell for say 15 to 30 minutes
or until the coating lifts and blisters. Leave for up to 1 hour but do not allow to dry. Rinse using a pressure washer or low pressure water whilst brushing. Wash with an appropriate detergent.

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