Spirits of Salts – 251

Penetrates and clears blockages caused by grease, paper and other organic materials



Suitable for the removal of heavy scale in toilets and drains, patio cleaning, brick cleaning, cleaning abattoirs, milk parlours and creameries, breweries, stone and brickwork, toilets and washroom areas, removing excess cement from new facing bricks, descaling heating coils. Spirit of Salts penetrates and clears blockages caused by grease, paper and other organic materials.


Appearance                   Liquid
Colour                             Colourless to pale yellow
Odour                              Pungent
pH                                    <1
S.G                                   1.15 to 1.17


Use the product neat. For maximum effectiveness remove as much water from area as possible. Allow to work for 10-20 minutes only, and then wash down with copious amounts of water. For some applications a plastic funnel may be the most effective application method.

Corrosive to most common metals. Avoid contact with chrome fittings such as plug holes and toilet seat fittings.

Brick Cleaner: Mix 1 part Spirit of Salts to 2 parts water in a plastic vessel. Apply to area, leave for 10-20 minutes, and rinse well with water.

Area should be well ventilated when using this product.

Suitable protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye/face protection must be worn when using this product. Corrosive, causes burns and irritating to respiratory system.

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