Surface neutralizer – 6

Mildly acidic wash to neutralize any alkali residue and to generally freshen after cleaning stone with alkali products.

  • Dilute with water economical in use
  • Only mildly acidic
  • Free from phosphoric and hydrochloric acid
  • Rinses well
  • Spray or brush on
  • Refreshes masonry


Appearance                 Clear, mobile liquid
Colour                           Water white
Odour                            Acetic acid
SG                                  1.02 to 1.04


Do not use on polished marble, travertine or limestone. Pre-dilute with an equal volume of water (50%). Rinse away alkaline cleaner before use. Spray or brush onto masonry at between 2 and 8 meters per litre depending on porosity of masonry. Agitate and rinse with clean water.

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