T-Wash – 630


Mordant wash that ensures adhesion of paint to galvanized steel.

  • Etches galvanized steel surfaces
  • Prepares zinc for subsequent painting
  • Aqueous system
  • Easy-to-use


Appearance                 clear, mobile liquid
Colour                           blue
SG                                 1.o1 to 1.02
pH                                  2 to 3


Use neat as supplied.
For use on galvanizes steel. Make sure surface to be treated is clean and dry. Apply liberally using a brush. Colour of the surface will change to black. Risne well and allow to dry before priming. Which must be done within 48 hours of treatment. Do not over apply or allow to pool as a fine residue of copper could form which would adversely affect adhesion of the primer. If an area does not go black re-clean or abrade to remove the deposit. Rinse well dry and re-apply the mordant wash.

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