BCF Super Gel – 208


A stable gel containing 30% hydrochloric acid with inhibitor and surfactant for use on thick or difficult-to-remove mineral deposits and rust.  Removes water scale from masonry and thick rust from iron and steel.

  • Thick paste clings to vertical surfaces
  • Stable and easy-to-apply
  • Powerful dissolving action on mineral deposits
  • Effective on thick layers of rust
  • Use on brick, granite and sandstone
  • Rinses well


  • Appearance             Thick, opaque paste
  • Colour                        Pale straw to yellow
  • Odour                         Pungent, strong acid fumes


NB read SDS before use. Fumes are corrosive

Mask areas not to be treated with polythene sheet and tape. Do not use on limestone, marble, aluminium, paint or powder coating, will dissolve nylon.

Apply to rust or scale to be removed and leave for one hour. Agitate and rinse with clean water. Re-treat if required

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