Tile Clean – 202


A quick acting, non-fuming blend of acids that dissolves hard water scale and removes surface grease and grime as well as ingrained soling from ceramic tiles and granite floors. Pleasantly perfumed and easily rinsed. Ideal for use in showers and around swimming pools and other leisure areas. Will not corrode stainless steel, brass or chrome.

• Dissolves hard water scale
• Quick acting
• Does not fume
• Will not corrode, stainless steel, copper, chrome or brass.
• Cleans as well as descales
• Pleasantly Perfumed
• Free rinsing


Appearance               Clear, mobile liguid
Colour                         Red
Odour                          Cherry/strawberry
S.G                              1.08 to 1.10
pH                                < 2.0


NB do not use on marble or limestone as it will dissolve them.

Liberally apply to the floor to be cleaned and agitate with brush or mop. A desk scrubber is best. Rinse well with clean water

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