Transclean®autowash – 669


A high performance concentrated bus and vehicle cleaner designed specifically for use through automatic brush washes, pressure washers. Will remove traffic film, road dirt, oil and dust pollution without damaging the paintwork. It uses an antistatic agent which leaves the vehicle with a bright sheen which resists soiling and makes subsequent cleaning easier. Works well through floor cleaning machines or small scrubbing machine for cleaning depot and garage floors.

  • Contains antistatic – gloss shine and makes subsequent cleaning easier
  • Environmentally considerate
  • Concentrated – high performance at high dilution
  • Free rinsing – no unsightly hard water stains
  • Helps prevent brush burn
  • Flexible formulation use in


Appearance                 Clear slightly thick liquid
Colour                           Light straw
Odour                            Mild
pH                                  8 to 10
S.G                                 1.01

Application of Transwash AutoWash

Brush wash
Dilution 1% v/v to 2.5% v/v (1:100 to 1:40). Use through machine as advised by the manufacturer.

Pressure Washer
Dilution 1% v/v (1:100). Meter through machine and use in normal way.

Floor machines                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dilution 2.5%v/v (1 to 40) to 1%v/v(1 to 100) depending on the degree of soiling. Use through the machine as advised by the manufacturer.

Manual Cleaning
Dilution . 10%v/v (1 to 100) to 1%v/v (1 to 100) depending on the degree of soiling. Mop, swab or scrub in the usual manner.

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