Universal wipes – 602w


Removes partially cured and uncured sealants including, silicone, polyurethane, and polysulphide from hands, tools and surfaces. They will also remove wet paint, putty, glue, mastic and resins. Universal Wipes are a non-woven fabric impregnated with a mild water-based cleaning solution. The soft absorbent surface lifts and removes “”sticky stuff”” leaving the surface clean. Signed off under EU Cosmetics Directive as a hand cleaner.

  • Highly effective – lifts wet sealant, paint, glue and resin from hands and surfaces
  • Cut down on post installation clean up time
  • Safe on plastic, powder coated, painted surfaces as well as metal and glass
  • Signed off as Hand cleaner under EU directive
  • Leaves hands and surfaces clean
  • Pleasant to use -clean fresh lemon smell
  • Contains lanolin to protect and keep hands supple
  • Conveniently packed in handy tubs easy-to-use
  • Economical
  • Long shelf life – tub has re-sealable closure
  • Reduces post installation cleaning
  • Does not dissolve so residue is not spread


Appearance                         Wipes
Wipe Dimension                280 x 250 mm ± 5%
Colour                                   White
Odour                                    Lemon
Surfactant Type                 Amphoteric/ Non-Ionic

Pack size
150 wipes per tub four tubs per case; single packed foil sachets

Hand Cleaning
Open the dispenser and draw out a wipe. Use to wipe hands thoroughly to remove all traces of “Sticky stuff”. If necessary use a second wipe. Hands dry quickly on their own, leaving the skin soft and clean.

Surface Cleaning, tools and equipment.
Open the dispenser and draw out a wipe. Use to wipe surface thoroughly to remove all traces of “Sticky stuff” If necessary use a second wipe. Cleans plastic, metal and gloss painted surfaces without causing damage.

NB: Keep closure shut to avoid premature drying out of the remaining wipes.

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