White De-Icing Salt – B-405 10kg & B-149 25kg

Melts Snow and Ice




White de-icing salt marine salt harvested from sustainable sources around the Mediterranean Sea-almost 100% pure sodium chloride. White salt does not leave behind the same messy residue as traditional brown salt (grit) making it perfect for pathways, pavements, playgrounds and commercial estate where cleanliness is important. With a purity level of almost 100% sodium chloride, every particle plays a part in the de-icing process making it an efficient Winter salt at battling ice and snow. This salt has been screened and has graded particle sizes for even distribution, which increases pedestrian safety and the working life of the equipment. It is free flowing and ideal for use in spreaders or by hand. Conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt.


  • Quick acting and effective
  • Will not stain or scratch
  • Sustainable source
  • Pure white salt
  • Nearly 100 %

Method of use

Simply sprinkle onto ice or snow with a scoop or shovel or use spreader.

If to be used as an anti-ice, sprinkle onto area that needs protection

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