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Scientifically tested cleaning detergents for rolling stock, depot and station environments.

We provide a comprehensive range of 4-Rail and Scientifics tested cleaning detergents which can be used across rolling stock, depot and station environments. Increasing presentation standards and ambience scores across rolling stock is our speciality. Offering the highest levels of technical service possible, Chela Ltd prides itself on being the go-to company for all rail presentation related cleaning issues in rail.

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Cleaning solutions for Rail, Trains
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Vac Extract - 464

Shampoo for vacuum extraction carpet machines using hard or soft, hot or cold water. Great on greasy soils as well as general grime.

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Eraze Liquid - 828

A powerful, yet safe graffiti removing liquid that works well on smooth surfaces and a range of other substrates.

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Depot Care

Consol - 876

Highly dilutable and effective hard surface cleaner and degreaser. May be used to clean, trains, buses, underground rolling stock and coaches.

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Foam Degrease - 4903

Effective alkaline, aqueous foaming degreaser that will quickly remove heavy grease and oil. Designed to be used on bogie sets that are off the carriage for maintenance.

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Screenwash - 637

Versatile screen wash for both winter and summer use. Can be diluted with up to 4 volumes of water for use in summer.

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Station Care

Lift It - 670

Quickly and effectively removes fresh and ingrained chewing gum, stickers and rubber scuff marks from both hard and soft surfaces, carpets, upholstery, clothes.

Balance - 100

Multi-Purpose degreaser and sanitizer is a powerful detergent that contains a blend of non-ionic detergents and emulsifiers whose type and ratio has been carefully chosen to give optimum performance.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner - R258

Effective cleaning and maintenance of high-sheen metals, maintaining a sparkling appearance to stainless steel, chrome and aluminium surfaces.

Case Study

Railway dust; removing the industrial fallout from exterior rolling stock

Railway dust, also known as brake dust or industrial fallout, is an ongoing issue for anyone concerned with the smooth maintenance of railways and rolling stock.

Here we discuss these fine metal particulates and how CHELA helps rail operators manage this persistent menace.

Chemical solutions for railway dust

What is brake dust?

When a train’s brake pad rubs against the rotor, and the wheels against the rails, fine particles are produced, known as metal particulates. This process creates the railway dust that causes iron stain.

How is it produced?

All vehicles produce their own variant. However, the vast, industrial nature of railways and the safety considerations of transporting huge numbers of people each year, makes the efficient management of brake dust an on-going problem across the railway industry.

What problems can it cause?

The problem is much more than cosmetic. If left untreated, the fine particles will build up over time corroding copper solder joins and electric circuits. Furthermore, the build-up can trap moisture. This will increase the effects of corrosion and can lead to a general deterioration of rolling stock.

Is break dust dangerous for humans?

There are health issues surrounding the inhalation of break dust, and many reports that it can lead to terminal illnesses such as cancer. As such, we strongly recommend a structured and on-going programme of maintenance to ensure the removal of iron stain from all rolling stock.

Eurowash ISR SheenPlus

How can CHELA help with iron stain removal?

CHELA supplies a number of leading rail companies with its specialist iron stain cleaning solution Eurowash ISR SheenPlus.

The product has been especially designed to remove ingrained iron stain either manually or with the use of automatic ash equipment.

It has been carefully tested and assessed by ESG Scientifics, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services. We are pleased to say that it consistently outperforms other industry-standard acid products.

As well as dealing thoroughly and effectively with the issue of brake dust and iron stain, Eurowash ISR SheenPlus has also been designed to leave a high gloss sheen on all rolling stock.

This repels soiling and ensures high presentation levels, whilst also reducing cleaning times.

We have designed the product to the highest specification, making it safe to use across all rolling stock exteriors.

Eurowash ISR SheenPlus
Click here to find out more about Eurowash ISR SheenPlus or to discuss a whole range of other market leading cleaning solutions for rail and train stations, please contact our specialist team by calling +44 208 805 2150 or by emailing sales@chela.co.uk

Chela tipsHow to stop bad odours on trains


Bad smells are deeply unpleasant at the best of times. Stuck on a train carriage for a long journey, they are hardly likely to leave a fond impression. To prevent this from happening try maintaining open ventilation channels in the toilet and making sure that you keep the facility clean. Alternatively, you could take a more preventative approach.


Malodour is caused by the presence of organic soiling. A clever way to sustain a pleasant fragrance on long journeys is to use a product like BioChela Fresh. This is a bacteria based cleaner, containing high performance bacteria that actually feed on the source of the problem. This provides the highest levels of odour control and leaves a long-lasting fragrance.


To ensure that all germs are completely removed, you may also want to consider a heavy duty hard surface cleaner such as Guardisan HP. This is a highly perfumed product containing specialist odour lock technology. It is low hazard for use and will deactivate HIV, MRSA, C.Diff and Hepatitis B&C. It will work on all surfaces including glass.

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