Adopting a partnership style approach, our primary concern is to ensure that our clients are able to use our products effectively and safely, whilst experiencing the highest levels of on-going technical service and support.

Field Support

Full after-sales account manager and technical support is made available to ensure the highest possible levels of service and quality.


We provide specialised bespoke cleaning structures to suit your working environment to maximise efficiency.


Ensuring that all cleaning chemicals are used correctly is vital for performance and most importantly, health and safety.

  • Chemical product usage guidance
  • Maximising product effectiveness
  • Dilution understanding
  • Health and safety guidance
  • Recommended cleaning equipment
  • All training is certificated


Chela Ltd is able to manufacture bespoke cleaning chemicals based on specific criteria including performance levels and exacting price points. Chela adopts a partnership approach to all such projects ensuring that the client’s needs are fully understood. Product development work can be undertaken to address a wide variety of projects which may include:

  • Environmentally friendly chemical manufacture
  • User friendly chemical manufacture
  • Product development based upon a specific cleaning issue
  • Super concentrates chemical manufacture
  • Specific chemical disinfection requirement
  • Use of bacteria within cleaning


If you require any further information then please give us a call on +44 (0)20 8805 2150