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Why We Love Consolv (And You should Too!)

A plastic model of a yellow and grey concrete mixer truck on a white background

Why we love Consolv

Cleaning concrete from the inside of mixer trucks and other equipment is a dirty and dangerous business.

The traditional method of dissolving concrete with hydrochloric acid, causes all sorts of problems. These range from long-term equipment damage to serious health and safety issues.

Hydrochloric acid has such a bad reputation that it’s being banned on construction sites across Europe. This includes the United Kingdom.

Yet until now, this hazardous product has been the only effective tool in our battle to find a concrete dissolver that works.

The industry really has been crying out for an alternative. Therefore, we here at CHELA are so thrilled to have turned our love for intelligent chemistry into a product that transforms how you manage fleet and equipment maintenance at work.

CONSOLV is a smart low-hazard solution for cleaning concrete from all metal formwork, as well as moulds, props, drums and mixers, trucks and RMC equipment.

Here are just some of the reasons why we love it so much, and think you will too!

CONSOLV puts workforce safety first

Every year the UK loses 31.2 million working days to accidents and illnesses. This costs the economy a staggering £15 billion.

Furthermore, with the NHS struggling to keep up with demand, every time we send one of our team off to A&E we make ourselves part of the problem, rather than the solution.

If CONSOLV comes into contact with your skin, you can simply wash it off. Do the same thing with hydrochloric acid and that worker is heading straight to your nearest A&E.

By replacing hydrochloric acid with a safe alternative like CONSOLV, you avoid the high risk of accident and injury at work. Simply because you opted for a cleaner, safer solution.

It’s healthier than traditional HCLs to work with

Lung damage, choking, respiratory inflammation, circulatory failure and even death are some the reasons why hydrochloric acid is such a dangerous substance to work with.

Just being in the vicinity and breathing it in is bad for your health.

Because CONSOLV doesn’t give off damaging fumes, your team can work safely. But best of all, you know that your valuable workforce isn’t storing up long-term health problems. A happy team and fewer days lost through illness.

CONSOLV creates a cleaner and more employee friendly working environment. It promotes better health and looks after the long-term well-being of your team.

CONSOLV protects your most valuable assets

As well as your team, CONSOLV also preserves the long-term health of your most expensive equipment.

All hydrochloric acids give off damaging fumes that attack any metals they come into contact with.

This gradual corrosion shortens the lifespan of all your plant machinery and mixer trucks. This adds considerable expense to your business due to shorter lifecycles and increased maintenance costs.

We’ve inhibited CONSOLV to prevent attack of metals, making it incomparable to hydrochloric acid in terms of how corrosive it behaves around metal compounds.

And, because it doesn’t give off any harmful fumes, it won’t attack other metals and equipment in the workplace either.

It’s the modern face of the construction industry

Moving away from harmful substances and bad health & safety practice is the future of construction. What might have been acceptable in the 1980s is no-longer considered professional conduct.

Replacing dangerous and potentially harmful products with a safe, fume-free and biodegradable concreate dissolver like CONSOLV doesn’t just create the right environment for your workforce.

It also demonstrates a firm commitment to building a modern, professionals and sustainable construction industry that’s better for us all. And, what’s not to love about that?

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits to your business that CONSOLV can bring, check out our CONSOLV page or get in touch with us today.

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